Are Pureed Foods for Old People Only?

February 8, 2011

I don’t even really like hummus sometimes.  I just make it because it’s cheap and healthy and tastes moderately ok.  But it’s a pureed food.  Only old people eat pureed foods.  I know that because I worked at a retirement community where we served mushy meats  and vegetables to people who don’t have teeth or the energy to eat “real” foods.  And they eat it!  They like the mushy food.  Maybe I’m turning into an elderly person.  It’s not too bad being old besides being attracted to mushy food.  I wonder if older people like hummus more than younger people. 

But I know that can’t be true because little kids eat pureed foods as well. I keep hearing about Moms who feed their kids hummus and they LOVE it! I bet you could make anything into a pureed food.  I just looked up some pureed food recipes and found spaghetti and meatballs and chicken noodle soup- all as a pureed food!

And of course we have milkshakes and smoothies- those we just take for granted because they’re presumably healthy and taste good too. 

But back to the question if hummus is cool to younger people.  I think it must be cool to them because I hear about these Middle Eastern restaurants that are doing awesome business.  When I did my survey asking people what their favorite dip was, hummus did come up, but I think there is some competition from Mexican dips like guacamole and layer dips.

So maybe they’ll start serving hummus in nursing homes soon. Hey, you never know!


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