I went to a Chinese restaurant today.  Talk about fine dining.  I didn’t have to eat hummus tonight.  I was so excited I ordered duck plus dumplings.  It makes me so excited to go out to eat, partly because I do it so infrequently.  I think I rely on hummus way too much.  I make two big batches of it about twice a week. 

I  just made hummus again and it’s no the same it usually is!  I’m in a crisis!  I just read this article about hummus and they suggested putting six tablespoons of tahini so I did half that, even though I usually put in two.  But it also said to put in ¼ cup water which I didn’t so now my hummus tastes like paste.  I mean it’s edible, but it’s just not the same as my usual hummus.  It’s just not as creamy and tasty.

Well I made my famous hummus after talking it up on the trail on Mother’s Day.  I so yearned for it too!  It lasted a little over twelve hours! 

What do I really think of hummus you may ask?  Well I think it’s extremely healthy, although not as much when you have it with bread or chips.  Some people use it as a dip for vegetables. 

One time, when I was working, I got really hungry and remembered that my roommate had some store bought hummus in the refrigerator so I got really excited that I was going to have professionally made hummus.  But my hummus is pretty high quality by now and I found the brand name hummus really devoid of any taste.  I mean, it was at least hummus, but it didn’t have any (or much of any) spices in it.  But I ate it anyway, and it at least filled the stomach.

It’s funny how I’ve trained myself to not eat already prepared food much.  This weekend was a big exception.  I had a chicken fajita for lunch in New York City, then a cold coffee drink, and fainlly four slices of pizza.  That was on Friday.  On Saturday night I went to a Tiki Bar at a ski resort.  Food was overpriced to say the least.  To think, I only got 2 shrimp kebabas, plus salad, bake potato and bread for 20 dollars!  Expensive!

I had already prepared food twice today!  Exciting no?  I went to McDonald’s (and I just went to Wendy’s on Friday) and got some sort of chicken wrap and then I went to Acme and got some orzo (pasta) with artichokes, feta cheese, and walnuts.  So good and good for me as well.  I mad my black beans with penne last night.  I get so tired of making that sometimes.  But I do have to eat it tonight and I’m kind of dreading it.  Oh well, like the orzo, it’s good for me.  Well I just ate the dreaded black beans with penne and I’m really tired of it.  I wish I was an expert cook and could make things as good as they do in restaurants.  Well, I am a pretty good cook I guess, but no as good as I would like to be.  Last week I cooked a ton after eating out a ton in NYC.  I made a pasta dish on Monday; granola and bread on Tuesday; chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday (plus hummus).  Then chocolate pudding on Thursday (which didn’t turn out so well; my chocolate rum mousse is sooo much better. 

Well, I made a fresh batch of hummus yesterday, just so I could take it to work today.  The funny thing about hummus is I never get tired of it.  I try to make it the best I possibly can sometimes it’s smoother than other times.  But the spices do add a lot to it and really kick up the competition of what great hummus should be.  My friend Esteban also makes hummus.  His is probably better than mine listening to him describe it.  Amy, from work, also makes hummus.  And she even makes her own pita bread!  I should do that!

I just walked to Acme to buy the ingredients to make my lovely corn tomato salsa.  I still have 32.59 left in my checking account. 

I’m hungry.  I just had a cookie and a fake chicken pattie.  I should cook today.  Maybe I’ll make that potato, asparagus, tomato salad.  I haven’t made that in at least a year.  Maybe I’ll even buy local potatoes and asparagus at the farm.

I feel so domestic!  I bought bananas, apples, tomatoes, and a green smoothie (which has dates, kale, banana, and apple in it) at Arnold’s Way!  Then I went to the farm where I bought potatoes, asparagus, (which looked really good) rhubarb, lettuce, bacon, cheese, and I think that’s it.  Then I made my traditional hummus and made a grilled cheese sandwich with brie, tomato, avocado, and of course, hummus!  I don’t particularly like grilled cheese though, but at least it was better than usual.  Then I made the potato, asparagus, tomato salad.  Can’t wait to have that for dinner.

I spend more money on food than anything else (except rent of course).  I find that if I spend more money on quality food, I don’t need to spend money on other things.  Food gives me a window of opportunity to the world, and I need good quality food in order to have that opportunity.


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