I’m currently really trying to be vegetarian, for the last 2 months, but I did have meat a bunch of times.  However, one of the times I had meat it was humanely raised at a local cafe in a touristy town.  So I have to wonder, if people who are vegetarian tend to eventually eat carbs or sweets a lot of the time, is it more humane to just eat humanely raised meat?  Isn’t that more politically correct?  Because I hear of people who try to be vegetarian or vegan and get diagnosed as diabetic or something else because they’re not eating proper food like vegetables, or the like.  I think even when I do eat meat somewhat often, but also try to eat green vegetables and healthy foods, I am doing better for the environment than these people who say they are helping the environment, but aren’t really helping themselves!

And along that note, what about all the plastic that sometimes gets used in being vegan/vegetarian? I don’t mean just for eating, because I know there are a lot of people who do eat environmentally sound.  But what about all the so called environmentally safe products that have plastic and they’re touted as being “better” than old school stuff. I did some major reading of politics and the like during the Trump election, and one of the things that stayed with me is people who hunt (and thus use guns and want the 2nd amendment protected) and say they are doing more for the environment than some of the so called liberals who say they are using safe chemicals or whatever and using their liberalism as a platform to “pretend” that they are “better” than the Trump supporters.  I have to side with the Trump supporters on this aspect (if what I read is true) because I see all the plastic and the like that gets used when some of us try to eat environmentally safe or be environmentally safe in our daily life.  I don’t know much about hunting, but I live in Pennsylvania where I can imagine a lot of hunting goes on in much of the state.  It always strikes me that where I live, outside Philly is so rampant with drug use and homelessness and I hear about people living in other areas of the state who must live below the poverty line, and I’m sure some of them must do what they can to survive and not turn to drugs, etc…  They seem more “cultured” in a way than some of the “liberals” who live around artsy Philly.