I have never been to India, but I’ve seen just about every non-Bollywood Indian movie I see advertised, have read a couple India themed books, and of course, love Indian food.  I don’t know exactly what it is that makes me happy thinking and dreaming of India.  The people seem so happy or at least cool, especially those living in slums (from the movies I see that is).  It just seems like another fairy tale planet in a way that offers what I imagine must be one of the most indepth and fascinating cultures in the world.

Maybe I’ll never go there, but in a way, I’ve already been there through watching their films and eating their food.  I guess what I think I like most about India is that I truly believe they take joy in their culture and in living life in a simple way.  I may not do that as fully as them but I like to think the people of India are a kindred spirit of mine.

If I ever do visit India, I hope it’s a prolonged amount of time so I get to know people there, do volunteer work maybe, and see the beautiful nature, culture, and arts that I imagine surrounds the country.