Pesto that I love

September 23, 2015


I try to grow basil or my parents do every year and sometimes it does well, but this year the basil we grew from seed did better than the basil I bought at the nursery.  So some neighbors who always have such an incredible garden because they use their compost as soil, let me pick as much basil as I could have.  So I made about ten batches of pesto and froze most of it.  An older friend just loves my pesto so I’ve been giving her some of my bounty.

I always feel that basil is so precious because it seems so fragile. Just notice that grocery stores have to sell basil as a plant in soil and you see how hard it is to keep fresh.  I love pesto way more than I like hummus, mainly because it feels special because it is associated with summer.  Hummus feels like a meal, but pesto just lightens up meals.

There are lots of ways to make pesto such as with kale or other greens.  I looked up a recipe of sun dried tomato pesto and that looked really complicated. Part of the reason why I like making pesto is you don’t have to cook anything.  It feels like something Europeans would make a lot and it’s such a simple thing to make that you can substitute many things and it still tastes great!

Pesto is probably not as healthy for you as say beans, but it’s a condiment that you’re only supposed to use in small doses anyway right?  I freeze my pesto in ice cube trays to save for when it’s cold and dark and only pesto will make me believe summer is coming again.