So I was stressed out from work yet again, so I decided to take the bus to my friendly Mediterranean restaurant, Oasis, where I buy my tahini, as well as other friendly Middle Eastern foods from.  It’s a family business, so the guy who works there is a friend of mine and I like to talk hummus with him.  Anyway, I needed to recharge badly so I ordered a mint ice tea, a very spicy falafel sandwich, (which is made with chickpeas- and I need to learn how to make this someday), and naturally, hummus.  I just can’t eat out there and not have hummus and pita bread- it’s like required!  So as I pigged out I mentioned to my friend that I have a new friend, Kathi, who’s husband is from Lebanon and she said they knew the Oasis people.  Small world! 

I must say, the falafel was definitely one of the spiciest dishes I’ve had in awhile, but I REALLY needed to destress my mind and realized that Oasis is the best place to be myself, food-wise.  Of course, I had to restock on tahini and pita bread too.  But no Middle Eastern desserts for me (that would be baklava and bird’s nest).  Oasis rocks!