My Hummus Taste Test

January 27, 2011

What is your favorite type of hummus?  Well I did a taste test a year ago of the hummus from Whole Foods.  The brands included Asmar, Whole Foods, Bobbi’s, and my own.  I found out that my coworkers thought that Asmar was too bland and boring, Whole Foods was also bland, and Bobbi’s and my own were practically a tie for best.  They liked my spicy kick and the roasted red pepper flavor of Bobbi’s. 

But how would these compare to Middle Eastern restaurants’ hummus?  See, a whole different frame of mind exists when you visit restaurants.  You expect more because you’re probably paying more.

And a friend said her daughter likes American brand hummus better than the authentic kind.  It’s weird how there’s so many different brands of hummus around this country, yet each is specified to its own region.

I know salsas are very different according to each region as well and as well as Chinese food.  Chinese and Italian food are different because there’s not really many chains for these, especially not for Chinese food.  Did you know there are more Chinese restaurants than McDonald’s in this country?  That says something about the nation’s state of food if you ask me.


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