I was wrong about sticking just with hummus!  Turns out, chickpea flour is the extreme of what I could do with my beloved garbanzos.  There’s bread, crackers, cookies, currys, you name it, that chickpea flour (also called gram flour) can be used in.  You can even make hummus out of it! Now that’s what I call an adventure!  Maybe today, I’ll cook lots of chickpea dishes and have people over to experience el chickpea in its highest art form: versatility.

So I made potato and chickpea flour dumplings and they didn’t look too good. They were, however, fried in peanut oil so they tasted pretty good.  I’ve heard that one can make hummus out of chickpea flour.  This I have to try.  Because this gram flour is just chickpeas so it must be pretty simple to make right?