A Middle Eastern Opera

December 24, 2010

I’m reading a book about Hezbollah, the Lebanese military group and how they’re at war with Israel.  So I was thinking how all of what I know about the Middle East is what I read in the newspapers (and the research that I’ve done on my own).  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an opera about the strife between the countries there and we focused instead on something else besides the war (like food!).  So I came up with some dialogue. You have to imagine it in Arabic though. ENJOY!
Ibrahim (from Lebanon) and Daudi (from Israel) are fighting each other when a young Palestinian woman named Abda, comes carrying a dish of hummus and pita bread.

Ibrahim:  Dude!  Hummus!

Daudi:  I kill you instead.

Abda. But what will you eat while you kill?

Daudi:  Hummus burgers anyone?

Ibrahim:  Dude, I like falafel. It’s fast food and more popular than hummus here.

Daudi:  If you kill me, I want falafel.

Abda:  I have falafel sandwiches here as well. I prefer tabbouleh.

Daudi: What do women like better?  Falafel or hummus?

Abda: I’m different, but they might prefer baba ghanoush.

Ibrahim:  What about meat dishes?

Daudi:  Yes, meat, yogurt, vegetables, baklava, you name it, the Middle East has it!

Abda: If I get it for you will you pray together at the mosque?

Ibrahim:  I will do anything for my falafel.


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