Tired of my homemade hummus- as if!

June 29, 2010

I hate to say, but it’s true.  I’m still addicted to hummus, but felt the need today to go and buy store bought hummus (actually it was restaurant hummus- from Oasis).  I mean I’ve had their hummus before and loved it, but this was the first time that I actually YEARNED for it and DREADED making my hummus.  That doesn’t usually happen! And you know what? Though I get food from other places all the time, I really REALLY just didn’t want to be addicted to hummus today!  I mean, I eat it a lot less than I did a year or two ago, but I feel like I’m losing apart of cooking self to other foods!   

I mean, I have a weakness for potato chips (which would be good with hummus!) now and different types of ethnic food and I don’t even cook everyday anymore!  Is that a sign that I’m becoming a corporate foodie?  I don’t buy at Costco (although I did look around there once- WOW!) or Walmart or anything, and I still like going to farms and Whole Foods is just sooo perfect.  I guess I just fear that once I go to culinary school I’ll cook all these fast food items and deprive myself of vegetarian cooking forever.  Will my myth be a fact some day? I feel it might.

P.S. Found out that my darling concoction tastes pretty good on corn and baked potato instead of butter and/or sour cream.  Healthier too!


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