Why I like Hummus!

March 8, 2010

I like hummus because it makes me appreciate all the good things in life.  Before I found hummus I didn’t eat as well as I should and it showed.  I ate too much sugary foods and although I wasn’t a horrible eater, it added up.  But when I discovered hummus, I discovered how much I liked to eat healthy things and that eating poorly, does taste pretty bad too.  When I discovered hummus it was an “aha” moment in that I figured out that this was a food that could be made cool. 

I know it’s been relatively popular in the US now for awhile now and has no where to go but up!  But hummus will always be cool because I personally think it’s the only way to get over guy problems.  So worship hummus instead of some annoying man and your world will open wide!


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