For those of you who having been living in fast food restaurants for your whole life, hummus is from the Middle East.  Let’s go back even further.  Chickpeas are what hummus is made from and these are a type of bean that date back thousands and thousands of years ago.  In fact, I’ve read that they’re what the poor people ate, which may explain why the fast food people I know are scared of them and hummus and all beans; they don’t want people to think they’re “poor.” 

But anyway, hummus was “invented” around the 700 AD.  I guess it was mostly confined to the Middle East, as it was still classified as a “poor” food.  Meanwhile, while hummus was probably gaining in popularity in Lebanon and Palestine and all those cool fought over countries, potatoes and corn were being worshipped centuries later by Mayans (corn) and Europeans (potatoes). 

See corn, as one should know today, can be used nine times out of ten in most any convenience food as well as inedible items as well.    Well back when the Mayans lived off the land (there might be some still that still do for all I know) they depended on it just as heavily, though with all the elements of nature, not commerce thrown in.

Potatoes, on the other hand, were thought to be only for the rich only about 500 years ago (look up) and when they were “found out” so to speak, they became a heavily prized item for many poor people.  Maybe you heard of a little something called the potato famine?  Despite their fattening nature today, potatoes are actually very good for you when boiled or baked.