Does inequality really exist or is it all in our heads???

June 5, 2021

I exist in a pretty liberal world that condones pollution and excess material stuff. I sometimes think that this anti-trump world that we liberals take pride in, has backlash to it and is not as pro Earth as we think. Not that I know that much about Republicans and their way of life, but I had (I think) some strong Republican friends in college that had much more of an effect on my life than I give them credit for. These women from college I befriended were there for me through thick and thin and they helped me with difficult classes and introduced me to clubs and parties which I didn’t partake in at all in high school. It was kind of the best four years of my life. We also hung out at the theater a lot of the time going to shows, parties, and I credit them with helping me realize that the art world is an incredible place.

And now that I have kind of immersed myself in the liberal world that is the Philadelphia, PA area, I realize I was very lucky to have the friends that I did in college. It’s made me think that Republicans are just people and they are simply thinking differently about the world. I thought an awful lot about the Trump view of the world and now think of the world we live in totally differently, especially since I live in a key state of that 2016 Presidential election, Pennsylvania. I never thought of liberals as being rich, but I’ve thought a lot about them, and think they just have totally different values than some Republicans I know.

I sometimes think there are many ways to be eco-friendly to the Earth, not just the odvious, but more subtle ways too. To each his own I’ve been thinking more and more. We all probably care about the Earth; we live in it and have to survive using its materials. So I think even though America gets a bad rap for pollution and plastic use and whatnot, that a lot of us are secretly thinking outside the box and being creative about how we treat the Earth.

I think about inequality a lot too, maybe because I seem bear some of its injustices. What gives me pleasure a lot of the time, is thinking outside the box and doing things that might cost more money for some people, cheaply for me because I have the know how to do them right. Sometimes, I think inequality is all in our heads and we just need to get used to being uncomfortable with certain parts of life, especially these days.

I mean, I live on practically nothing, and people think I’m lucky and talented and smart. Maybe it’s saying something if you have to fight for everything you hold dear: then you value it more. I certainly would agree with that.


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