Do we really need jobs??

February 11, 2021

I think about jobs a lot, mostly because I worry about my prospects at them, but I also wonder about a world that doesn’t need them quite as much as my high education friends and family would have me believe. I sometimes consider myself something of a hippie so thus feel I could work in a commune like area, or in a co-op or nonprofit or something that doesn’t have anything to do with the depressing world of jobs.

In this leisure dominated world we have more time, especially nowadays, to do what we want, whether it’s watching hours of streaming services, crafts, exercising, reading, cooking, volunteering, etc. Maybe we shouldn’t put jobs in the front gear of what we require in people in terms of living a life. Maybe now’s the time to reorganize our priorities and do some character building or such.

I just get so worried about a superpower like the USA that has money as the priority of life. I know, I know, it’s important and essential, but with a country that has the stigma of poverty and lack of support for its citizens, now’s the time to do some clear reimagining.

I sometimes think the new modern world of jobs is a fascinating thing to behold. It almost seems more fascinating than a lot of other joys of the world. I guess a lot of the jobs at the moment are remote, but I marvel at the underworld of jobs that I half feel I belong to. I don’t know much about them, but I imagine the world of volunteering has really expanded and is more prominent that many of the dead end jobs many people succumb to.

I sometimes don’t see the point in working. I mean really, why work a dead end job that you’re unhappy with (as I’m sure a lot of millenials are in), when you could work outdoors, or maybe work for a nonprofit.

I mean if you go back hundreds of years ago, people had to work outside mostly. I sometimes feel like I should have been born in a different era. Like even one hundred years ago in England, or somewhere in the country. Sure there were still hardships, but man, it must have been a more simpler time.

Nowadays, it seems a lot of us want “smart” jobs that will elevate us to greater monetary gain, respect, or power among people we can call equals. I feel something got lost along the way when we gave up working or playing outdoors, to being smarter.

Sometimes, I think jobs make the mindset of a country. Maybe we’re stereotyped as an unhappy country because the vast majority of us Americans work on computers all day. I’ve seen the occasional happiness study and countries in Africa or island countries have been classified as happier, probably in part because they have more social interaction and know their neighbors better.

Maybe we should use this reflective time to think about jobs and volunteer jobs that are important to us spiritually. I think that the reason we have so many problems with people being mentally ill and guns and whatnot is because we’re so shut off from each other now that we don’t know how to deal with people and life in general.

In being more spiritual and thoughtful this pandemic, we should reexamine what it means to be busy and put that energy into making people happier and less shut off.


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