Are we ready for all these new food changes?!?

November 2, 2020

I often think about how other people eat, especially those without access and money for healthy food, say in the inner city or middle of nowhere.  I wonder how much the current food revolution has hurt or helped people.   My Mom and I have a bigger garden (ie farm) this year, partly because of the virus crisis and everything went really well.  It’s because we have so much more time now to make it right and see that things are planted right.  If everyone had time to and unlimited resources to spend on food, would they do it?

I saw an eye- opening food documentary a couple years ago called, “A Place at the Table” about how people just don’t have access to proper food because trucks don’t stop at little stores, only big grocery stores like Walmart.  Another food doc I liked was about the organic movement which came about some 40 years ago about some kind of hippie people who started this new type of farming and weren’t really expected to be mainstream, but sure enough, here we are now with “organic” everything.

With the corona virus changing how we get food and afford food, we should all be focusing on cooking more since I bet most of us have more time.  Do these massive changes in how we eat mean the food revolution is put on pause indefinitely??  Do people really even care about eating healthy right now or is it really a new comfort zone of eating??


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