Please Play any type of Music you like, as long as it’s AUTHENTIC!!!

July 18, 2020

I am somewhat of a music buff.  I used to play piano and trombone, but not anymore, so I think I vicariously listen to all kinds of music and imagine what it would be like to be so talented.  I attended a contra dance (folk music) pretty regularly for almost 10 years and that was my entertainment because I was so poor so at this point I have a pretty good idea what good music is.  Also, one of my good friends is a professional musician on the side and I have tagged along with her pretty much anywhere I could to this day so I do really love music.

Comparing the American traditional music (roots music) to say Indian or Chinese traditional music is pretty off putting. My musician friend and I went to the Philly Folk Festival last year and they had a Korean traditional folk(?) music performance with the other folk music and we really tried to enjoy it, but ultimately left as I think it was an acquired taste.  I also love some Russian folk music (like on Riverdance) and since my Dad is a big music person (he sings and plays guitar) that has likewise rubbed off on me.  For as long as I can remember, he has had a collection of Putumayo music from around the world.  I really love that stuff.  It just is so authentic.  I can’t stand American pop music much anymore (or whatever genre it is today).  One music documentary that I highly recommend if you like music (or docs!) is “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” about a man who grew up in Germany but was displaced because of WWII and came to the USA where he was introduced to African American music and roots music too.  It changed his life and he started a record label based on it.  Very well done and easy to watch.

Now, I haven’t been to that many countries, but I have been to concerts of traditional classical Indian music, Brazilian music, Bolivian, Latino, Andes music, and any variety of American roots music.  I will probably never be able to afford to go to a big name concert again and you know what, I don’t really care to because I know what real music sounds like.  Why pay 300 dollars for noise when you can have the real thing for next to nothing?!?!?

I watched Ken Burns’ documentary series on country music last year and it was just so eye opening to me because I really hate most pop country music today, but love bluegrass and folk music.  It was just so incredible to see how it evolved from the 1800s to present day.

I also tried to watch some of Burns’ Jazz series, but I couldn’t relate to it nearly as much, despite having some jazz CDs and playing trombone for 10 years.  I do however, like hip hop, reggae, R/B and rap some.


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