Climate Change Mania! It’s cool to be green, or say you’re for green living…

March 30, 2020

Every time I see the media or politicians spin climate change, it makes me grimace because I really wonder how many people work to stop climate change and change their day to day habits and how many just want to get in with the protest hype.  Now, there’s probably lots of different ways to show your love of the Earth, but in this modern age we live in, I can’t help wondering how many hypocrites there are out there?!?  That being said, I don’t think anybody purposely goes out to trash the Earth, but it’s just our society that says it’s ok to trash and not have Earth as priority number one.

I’m not saying that I’m the most green person around, but every time I’m asked if I still live at home, I want to say, “Yes and I’m saving heating costs, and doing lots of green living too!”  It just makes me crazy when mothers or families or whatever are proponents of being progressive, and then don’t seem to know what they’re supporting!  I try to walk around my town to do errands, I used to bike all over the place, and I take the train whenever I can.  It just scares me how people are blaming Trump (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but…) and don’t ever turn the tables on themselves and change themselves.  I mean, it starts with you and me.  If you act with more than just words and coolness, you should change yourself and influence your friends and family with your rhetoric into change.

Another thing, I know we live in this increasingly modern world, but isn’t what makes our world so modern kind of good for the environment in some way?  We need to use less paper so we have computers and cell phones.  I know there’s kind of this “slow” movement to do things like olden times, so hopefully that’ll catch on, especially now that the coronavirus is changing both the Earth and maybe even the people on it for the best…

I sometimes wonder if being outdoorsy is a way for people to say they support climate change.  Just think, the top outdoorsy countries include the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Switzerland, so when these countries are listed as environmentally friendly too, I have to applaud that too.  I think I’m kind of outdoorsy with walking as much as I can and living a green kind of life.

I think of myself and as pretty pro environment.  I do try to eat as much vegetarian food as I can (even though I do buy packaged veggie food sometimes), and I compost, recycle, reuse, cook, bike, don’t travel extensively, and reduce my consumption of materials as much as my mental health can stand.

Another thing, why does climate change evoke such negativity?!?  My Mom and I tried to watch a documentary called “The Plastic Problem” about plastic endangering the oceans and it was so depressing (like a lot of problems these days).  Aren’t more and more people changing their homes into plastic free?  There should be more documentaries about the positives of climate change, so to speak.  There are lots of events going on and things to do with positivity in the climate change world and it may be hard to focus on the positive sometimes, but it’s so worth it!!!


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