American Antiques/Worldly Treasures= the best of both worlds

February 15, 2019

I sometimes watch Antiques Roadshow, and I learned recently that since the Great Recession, antiques have really fallen in price.  I have a good amount of “antiques” and have been wondering for quite some time how much some of them are worth.

I don’t really travel anywhere exotic these days, but I do have some items from other countries, though I don’t think they’re that valuable.  I don’t know if I’m right, but it seems like “antiques” from America are more valuable than “antiques” from other countries.  Or maybe it’s just that antiques from America are more plentiful.  I really wonder if some of the more modern artisan products from other countries will one day be valuable, or maybe they already are?!?

I also wonder if clothing has more value in it if it’s handmade or the fabric is really good. I’ve seen this 2012 documentary “Iris” a couple times about this 90 year old woman who is somewhat of a celebrity because she had this exotic career in fabrics and clothing that took her all over the world when she was younger.  I think it’s just the best movie about clothing I’ve ever seen.

I like to think my sense of style has really evolved in a more positive in the last say 10 years.  I used to dress kind of sporty, but now, since going contra dancing at one of the best contra dances (near Philly), seeing the creme de la creme of dancers wear great things, going to art museums, and just observing what’s around me in general, I think I have a far better sense of style than I used to.

Sometimes, I wish I had more outfits from other countries, or wish my sense of style was kind of ethnic.  And it would be nice to make more money too, so I could buy all kinds of different worldly goods like different kinds of hats, tops, shoes, etc…  However, I just read a newspaper article yesterday about a female teacher who wore the same outfit to her class for 100 days (excluding weekends of course) to understate how much clothing we wear on a weekly basis and to cut back on water use and such.  As much as I admire something like that, it makes me kind of peeved that we put that kind of thing on a pedestal when so many other aspects of “green living” should be.  I mean, what about walking, biking, and taking public transportation everywhere, or not buying many material posessions, or recycling practically everything you own?!?!  I mean people do those things these days in abundance!

I don’t presume I do all that, but I do the best I can, which means not using much water, celebrating art and nature over commerce, and not using up much fossil fuels.


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