the inequality of things

January 8, 2016

rich poor imageI know people probably do this all the time, but I was running errands today and found myself spending $5 on a small Dr. Pepper and an Auntie Ann’s pretzel.  I then went to a small Indian Grocery store called Patel’s where I bought a 4 pound bag of dried chickpeas, a healthy dose of cilantro, and two 1 pound bags of carrots.  The bill for Patel’s was $7.76.  I know that’s $2.76 more than the Auntie Ann’s, but isn’t it so sad that that’s the way it is?  Something you don’t necessarily need but is (or should be) a treat or one time snack is about the same amount of money as food that can feed you for a couple weeks?

I know Patel’s prices are probably a little cheaper than other grocery stores (like Whole Foods for instance), but when I hear stories about how expensive produce is and how inexpensive junk food is, sometimes I think people are not looking far enough into the food culture.  I think it’s more complex than that. (and if you look at one of the best food documentaries I’ve seen in awhile, “A Place at the Table,” you’ll see what I mean).

No wonder we have people who are homeless or who don’t know how to cook! We have reprioritized everything according to how tasty it is or if it’s prepared.

So that’s it, my two cents on how screwed up our general food society is (if not more of society).  Just wanted to share that.








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