Soybeans are the bean to beat

April 10, 2011


I like soy milk, but hate tofu.  Is that ok?  I understand that soy overrules chickpeas in 230 million tons of the stuff is grown in the world, as opposed to only 9 million tons of chickpeas, according to Wikipedia.  Soybeans are far more versatile than chickpeas.  I understand that and they’re probably more suited to vegetarianism than chickpeas.  But you can’t buy soybeans plain which could be a tragedy because all other beans you can buy in cans or in bulk somewhere. 

Soy is probably the vegetarian equivalent to corn and is more popular in Whole Foods than even that special Macrobiotic/ Middle Eastern section where hummus is, but maybe they will overstay their welcome.  Can you make a dip out of soybeans?  Is edamame just like soybeans?  We all know, or hope you know that soy sauce, tempeh, soy chips, soy burgers are very healthy, but they’re definitely in a different section of the store then corn infused products.

Soybeans also have more dietary fiber, protein, energy, fat, and anything else, in that I wonder why hummus is the fad right now?  I did not know that the soybean was introduced to the US in 1765 and soybean oil is used on cars.  Obviously, we have invested a good deal of time on this oilseed, not a pulse like what chickpea is called. 

I get disgusted when I see chickpeas plain, which may explain why soybeans by themselves are not to be found.  I can imagine roasting them just like the chickpea, but in the meantime, I guess I’ll have to settle for them in fake meats and milks.  I bow down to the mighty soybean in that chickpeas have a long way of genetic engineering to take on the food industry like the soybean has.


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