Chickpeas are the next corn

March 18, 2011

Chickpeas are good for fiber, protein, energy, and a variety of other things that our other big starches in this world are not about.  If we only incorprated them into the big sellers at restaurants maybe we’d be skinnier.  Because weird things are already offered in the Middle East and we already copy their cooking, so we should start offering their food in McDonald’s.  Maybe if we blended them into french fries or beef burgers or even made falafel or hummus a menu item, we’d gradually cut down on the meat we use, and therefore, use less corn.

Could there be such a thing as chickpea chips?  There is falafel after all which is fried, so perhaps there could be a consolation in which we use gram flour or use some chemistry to get those chickpea nutrients into some junk food.  Because chickpeas are associated with vegetarianism maybe this appeal could strengthen the ties with other beans, which are just not as versatile as garbanzos.  You don’t put other beans on salads or at least they’re not offered at salad bars.

Chickpeas are accepted as one of the essentials to put on foods.  I’m sure the other beans are just as qualified, but el chickpea is different.  There’s something to be said for substitution and one could easily find another thing besides chickpeas to think about, but that’s not the point.  The point is that because these basic staples have been around so long, we should start respecting them all a little more.  Oh, maybe it’s not respect, but we take them for granted and with food quality and quantity, maybe we should think of these foods with a little more heart and soul and less about making them into products that have no business being in a grocery store.


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