Middle Easteners like to throw hummus parties! Wish they invited me!

My childhood friend got to experience Israeli hummus in all its glory! (I read that Palestine blames Israel for taking their secret hummus recipe).  One of many discords for these two at war countries.

I feel guilty.   I’ve been enjoying and worshipping hummus in all its Americana, but haven’t found the time (or energy) to appreciate its origins.  So I did a little research on Lebanon, Palestine, and Israel (all the while mistaking Palestine for Pakistan) and found out that though these countries are sometime repressed, they’re also probably waaaay healthier.  That’s not surprising.  What’s surprising to me is that they’re embracing Western food more and more while we are embracing (and commercializing) hummus more and more.  And we have political issues with so many of these Middle Eastern countries that gave us this healthier appetizer that could save us many trips to the hospital.  Am I being naive, or could we solve some peace issues with this?