Fresh Raw Chickpeas = The New Edamame Experiment

August 20, 2010

I have never had fresh garbanzos, but I have eaten edamame before and wasn’t really impressed with those beans.  But If they’re the cool thing to do, according to an Inquirer article, I definitely need to try some.  I never really considered that one could have them raw, although they are only offered in the spring according to sources. I wonder if I could roast them just like I roast cooked chickpeas? It says you can grill them in their pods!  Whole Foods must have them right?  Or maybe I could order them (although they wouldn’t be as fresh).  Anyway, the main question is, can raw chickpeas be made into hummus?!? That’s what I really need to know…

I wonder if Plato or Socrates ate raw chickpeas. They probably could cook back in 400 BC, but I just wonder I guess.  Hummus wasn’t even considered a staple until 1200 AD, so maybe they were just ahead of their time when they wrote about hummus in their diets.  And like me, I just found out, they believed that self-development was more important than material wealth!  But Plato and Socrates were from Greece, Mediterranean country, which explains why they talked up hummus.


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